Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at church for some preaching, 
prayer, and games to bring in the New Year! :) 

Preaching! :) 
 Josh Gardipee
 Paul Rains
 Stephen Rains
 Micah Roberts
 Luke Rains
Nathan Roberts

games! :) 
 Mr. Stephen teaching Justin Potter how to play Pit
 arm wrestling...
 Happy New Year! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Visit with the Budas

Last week we were able to go to the Buda's house for a visit. 
It was nice to spend some time with Brian and Stephanie 
(Brian's fiance) while they were in town! :)
Mrs. Buda reading "Oh Say Can You Say?" to Daniel. :) 
Crab Rangoon
 playing "Quelf"...a new favorite! :)
 Mom had to stand like this for one whole round
(and in Quelf, that can be quite a long time)!
 I think her arm got tired after a while... ;)
 Here, Daniel is reading his "story" from the story 
game(he was really just making it up). ;) 
There was one time when he was talking about Brian and Stephanie, 
but he couldn't remember Stephanie's name, so he just called 
her "Mrs. Brian". It was so cute! :) 
 We played three different version of the Story Game. 
First, we played the regular kind, then we did a cartoon strip version.
Then we played a version where you have to draw a "creature" in sections. 
There are four sections on the page, and one person draws the head to the neck, 
the next person draws the neck to the waist, next, the waist to the knees,
and the next person draws the knees to the feet. The outcome can be quite interesting! 
It was a blast playing it with the Budas!
The happily engaged couple eagerly awaiting a summer wedding! ;)

Dog Sitting Maggy

My Aunt was up north for Christmas, so we were able to 
watch her dog Maggy that week. She is still a puppy, so she had LOTS of energy. 
She loves to play, jump around, and likes to be held. Fred was quite interested in this 
fuzzy ball of energy, but she was a bit too hyper for him. 
After a while, he decided to keep his distance and just observe. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day

This year was special for us because for the first time in many years, 
we didn't have to go ANYWHERE on Christmas Day! 
It was great to just sit around the house and spend time with family! :) 

 Reading the Bible before we start the gifts
 play-dough from Hannah... :-/
Josiah got a pocket knife from Hannah
 I am not a fan a chunks of stuff in my food...
like chunks of tomatoes in spaghetti sauce.
So, I got Mom a Hand blender, which she has been wanting 
because her other one broke. However, we found out that
this one doesn't work to great either... :(
 we were able to all pitch in and get Hannah a western dish set. 
She loved it! :)
C.H. Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" from Dad and Mom :) 
Nathan got "Mountain Rain" from Dad and Mom
Jo got "C.T.Studd" from Mom and Dad. We loved all the books! :)
 Daniel got Cowboy boots and some western wear 
from Dad and Mom. He was very excited! :)
 I got Dad a gift card to Radio Shack. I love that store! :)
Mom got a necklace from Dad! It's beautiful! 
 Hannah reading a book of tongue twisters that I got for Daniel
"stick 'em up!" 

Merry Christmas! :)