Tuesday, November 30, 2010

some interesting pix...

So this is what I did on Saturday while waiting for
the non-existent deer to come across our paths. 
I was laying down in this super marshy field while I took 
these pictures, so that is why they are on a weird angle. :) 
I was able to get the sun to reflect off the lens just
enough that there was too much light exposure, 
and the picture turned out dark. It was so cool! 
I tried and tried again, but could not get it to happen again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

We finally were able to get a family picture!!! 
  We had Thanksgiving at Uncle John and Aunt Kathy's house. 
This is the first family gathering we've had in their new house since it was finished. :)
We were teasing Uncle Mark about his "stone age" 35mm film camera... :) 
 the view of the kitchen from the loft...
 Watching the Saints v. Cowboys game. 
It was an intense game, and the Cowboys were OH SO CLOSE to winning, 
but in the last two minutes, the Saints caught up and won. RATS! 
Oh well, it was a good game anyway... :)
 the loft.....is awesome. :)
some body's tired... :)

More of Fred...

Fred was so sweet. He was real good about letting me put the bow tie on him. He just sat there so sophisticated like while we were all laughing at him. SO CUTE! :) 

More election night pix... :)

 This lady is Rebecca Kleefisch's mom. :)
 our group looking at......something.... :)
Here's one for Nathan.... :) 
This lady was so hilarious! She just adored Scott Walker, and it was so funny 
to see her talk to him, holding his hand the whole time, and giving him hugs. :) 
She tripped on her way out of the ballroom, so Emily helped her and gave her a tract. 
Of course, Micah would take a picture of her. :)
Thanks Micah for all the pix! :) 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scott Walker for Governor, 2010!

On Tuesday evening, Nathan and I were able to go to Scott Walker's campaign! How cool is that?? The night just kept getting better and better. So, at around 7:20am, Nathan and I went to vote for the first time!! I was REALLY excited! :) Then, at about 6:30pm, we got a phone call from a friend offering to take Nathan and I to the Walker campaign. Of course, we went!!! So we get there at about 7:40, and we make our way up to the front of the room, right where Scott Walker would give his victory speech.
It was getting more crowded by the minute, and the excitement level was super high. Since we were right up in front, they asked us if we wanted to go stand on the stage b/c there was extra room up there, and not enough room on the floor. Of course we did!! :) So, we got to stand on the stage for Walker's acceptance speech and everything! :) It was SO awesome!!! :) 
watching the returns...
 Reince Priebus, Chairman of the 
Republican Party of Wisconsin
Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner
Rebecca Kleefisch, Lieutenant Governor elect
 great speech... :)
the press.... 
 this is one of about twenty enormous 
chandeliers in the ballroom we were in...
 cheering as Ron Johnson was declared the winner for U.S. Senate
 The First Family...
 It happened to be Scott Walker's 43rd birthday on Tuesday! 
I don't think he could have had a better birthday party. :) 
 signing my copy of the Constitution! :) 
my "15 minutes" of fame! =D