Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinner with Family

Saturday night after the recital, we went to my Aunt Kathy's house in Sullivan, WI. They have just added on a whole house the the small house they have now, and it is gorgeous. The whole thing has the log cabin look, and the new house is just huge! Anyway, we had our first family get-together in her house since the addition.  It was nice to see family again. :)

The Egg Hunt... :) (Greg)
Hannah and Ben
Hannah and Ben again... (this is the cutest picture) :)
any more???

Uncle Bill was tickling John and Kate. 
They loved it and kept asking for more... :)
Hannah and Nathan

Piano Recital

We had our Piano Recital on the 27th at the White House of Music.


We took a video of his piece so we could post it on you tube....
I'll post the link to the video a little later...
the video is not quite ready yet. :)
The three of us with our teacher, Mrs. Bickler
My friend Britney came to the recital.
It was lots of fun having her. :) 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bekah's Birthday

On Tuesday night, I went with a bunch of girls from camp to dinner for Bekah's birthday. We went to the Organ Piper. It is a blast there. There is a guy there who plays this huge organ the whole time, and you can put in requests for what you would like him to play. He can play pretty much anything, he is so good on the organ. Anyway, we all had a blast. We had pizza for dinner (which is what the Organ Piper serves). And then we sat around and listened to the music for a while. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures. :) 
Me, Mrs. Glass, Rachel and Ashley
Bekah was all embarrassed when the organist 
played 'Happy Birthday' for her, and we all sang to her. :)
Leah, Hannah and Aunt Carol
sometimes the organist would put the organ on a setting 
that would play these ducks, and they sounded so funny! :)
Julia, Bekah, Laura, Mrs. Glass, Rachel, 
Ashley, Leah, Hannah and Aunt Carol
Hannah and I finally got a sister picture taken for 
the frame that Hannah got me for Christmas!
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY BEKAH!!! :) 

WACS Competition

Last Friday, (the 19th) we had our WACS competition. (WACS stands for Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools) It was a really long day, but it was nice to see everybody do different things, and to be able to compete this year. :) Most of the pics are blurry because I couldn't use the flash, and I didn't have a tripod. I don't think they want you messing up the contestants with the flash from your camera. So I don't have very many good pictures, but here are a few of the best. :) 
Nathan's sacred piano solo

Sarah and I and our flute duet
Micah's vocal solo
Robert's chalk talk
Luke's classical piano solo
MBA academy sang for the closing ceremony
Nathan won 1st in state for his piano solo!!! :) 
YAY! He gets to go down to BJU for nationals!
He is just coming back from receiving his ribbon in this pic...
Sam won 1st in state for Digital Photography!
Nathan and I got a twin picture taken! :)
By the way, I got 3rd in state for Digital Media. :) 
Thanks everyone for your support and prayers. 
I thank God for his hand on the competition throughout the day. 
It was a blessing. :)