Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Pictures

This is a cake mom made for one of the little boys in our church

Mom and Daniel decided to have a water fight... :)
Cleaning the pool (which needs to be done again by the way...)
Daniel decided to take up the recorder one night :-/
matching! :)
Daniel helped Mom put flour in some rodent-proof containers... ;)
a cool pic of our snake Elliot!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Josiah and Daniel's Brithdays (back in June :-/)

Hey Everybody! I'm finally back to reality! :)
It's time to catch up with my posts, so here we go!
Here are some pictures of Josiah's 12th birthday and Daniel's 4th birthday.
We celebrated them at Culvers with our grandparents.
We also celebrated Father's day while we were at it. :)

all ready for Church! well...almost ;)
The birthday boys with big sister Hannah!

Josiah's new alarm clock...
it wakes the whole county....(except me) ;)
look at that face!
Josiah's new John Deere hat from Hannah. Handsome!!!
Mom <3
Daniel's John Deere gifts, and his camo bandana.

Father's day gifts... :)