Friday, October 22, 2010


On Monday night, we made applesauce and put up apples for pies. 
Lots of fun!!! :)

 an interesting apple....
 When all else fails (like the hand-held puree thing)....use a blender! :)
 Still......the same results! :)
 the pressure cooker...
 the finished product...
 don't ask...... ;)

Freedom Rally

Last Saturday, we went to a Freedom Rally in Janesville.
They encouraged open carry(which is legal in the state of WI), so hey, twist my arm! Sadly, I am still to young to carry, :( so Dad and his friend carried. It was great!! :)
Everyone got a free copy of the Constitution! :)
Rob Taylor for Senate...
Chad Lee running against Tammy Baldwin
 Open Carry....WooHoo!! :)