Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday School Christmas Party

We started off the night by caroling at some houses in town. 
Mrs. Wright's house :) 
Mrs. Carstensen's house :) 
 at the house....
 Becky and Britney
 Sarah playing ping-pong
 Sarah Jane....being....Sarah Jane... ;)
Miss Lambrecht playing the piano!! ;) 
 Every year at the Christmas party, D'Lacey and I play two games of Air Hockey.
This has gone on now since.....9th grade(?). D'Lacey is the reigning 
champ although I have won three times out of all the games
played over the years, including one this year!! :) 
So, here we are having our annual Air Hockey tournament...
 ready for business!
 fightin' hard! ;)
 friends again! ;)
 a couple of Christmas songs...
 ...reading of the Christmas story! :)
a "special" gift for Miss Lambrecht! ;) 
 the 4 senior girls! ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010

"What Love is This?"

hair and make-up time...
 darkening the "Arabians..." ;)
 "Carrie" and "Rania"
 the stage set-up...from what you can see...
 "Away in a Manger"
 Children's Choir
 Poetry Recitation
 ....the play....
 a scene with major technical difficulties :-/
....but God brought us through it! :)
great recovery Joel!
 more poetry
Hassan's angry scene...
 speaking chorus
 final song
 cast pictures...
 cast with the director
 in character....sort of... ;)
Mrs. Ross presented with flowers! 
Thanks for being such a great director! :) 
 "family" picture
 Carrie and the Robinsons....
 Maghi and Carrie
 the 4 senior girls!!!! :)
 Nathan and Joel
 Michelle and I
Praise the Lord for a great night with lots of visitors! 
As far as we know, there was one person saved! 
Praise the Lord! :)